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Contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, prebiotics, probiotics, and much more. A premium, high quality supplement created specifically for racing pigeon breeding and molting. We also recommend this product for Fancy Pigeons, Homers, Rollers, Tipplers, High Fliers, or any other show, sport or performance pigeons. This product has all the necessary ingredients for a healthy and sound breeding season with nothing else needed. Easy to use in the water or feed. This supplement contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, as well as other ingredients to promote a healthy breeding loft, with healthy breeders and squabs. By using Pigeon Breeder Plus to raise your squabs this product will increase crop milk production in parents allowing squabs to grow healthier. Use Pigeon Breeder Plus during molting to achieve a complete and healthy molt.


1. Increase egg production

2. Increase fertility in breeders

3. Increase viability of the embryo


Our product also contains:

  • Maltodextrin, A Complex sugar  for a fast and efficient source of energy.
  • Over 16 Vitamins: all water soluble
  • Minerals, in combination with other ingredients for the correct mix.
  • Proprietary concentrated blend of probiotics 9 different types,some to boost immunity, others produce digestive enzymes, others for special effects. 
  • Pro-Vital’s® Bio-Tag Oligosaccharides (prebiotic) keeps feces dry, RECEPTORS LIKE magnets to eliminate E. coli & Salmonella
  • Digestive enzymes: (5 in total) that specifically target proteins, mixed carbohydrates, fats, soy, fiber, corn, wheat, and oats. This will increase digestibility of all foods, providing the parents, squabs, and squeakers with a higher quality nutritional plane, giving all opportunities for outstanding growth and development. 
  • L Carnitine: proven to increase hatch-ability and the chances for a good hatching success. It also improves the growth and strength of the newly hatch chick. It increases pigeon milk production improve chick growth and survivalist. 
  • Yucca schidigera, a natural plant extract  approved and known for its anti-inflammatory  effects and its use for the control  and elimination of fecal odors. It will also control pathogens like E. Coli and Salmonella. 
  • Pro-Vital’s® Bio-Tag, PREBIOTIC a Fructo-oligosaccharide (MOS) assists in preventing disease caused by E. Coli and Salmonella. This product produces an affinity to intestinal pathogens binding them to special receptors, and eliminating them through the feces, minimizing the possibility of disease.
  • Electrolytes to correct dehydration and stress.
  • Whey for growth and development, providing proven undetermined factors for benefits in the growth, hatch-ability and maintenance of the pigeons. This product will increase the size of the crop so larger quantities of milk may be produce for the rearing of the squabs. It will also increase food assimilation.
  • Omega Fatty acids, to assist in the immunity and to produce a healthy and bright feather. I maintains the health of the skin and the feather follicle from where the feather grows and nest.
  • Amino acids: The building block of protein, this product contains all of the essential amino acids for a fast and healthy growth. These are also needed for a healthy feather production and development.
  • Calcium: For a healthy bone structure and solid egg production 
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*


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